HAAKE PolyLab QC Measuring Mixers and Extruder System


HAAKE PolyLab QC Measuring Mixers and Extruder System

More IQ for your QC.

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC is a new measuring mixer & extruder system that meets todays and future quality control (QC) needs. The modular torque rheometer can be connected to an interchangeable mixer, single-screw extruder, or conical twin-screw extruder.  Combining proven technology and state-of-the-art hardware and software with an easy-to-use interface that is the future of QC, today.

Product Detail 

The HAAKE PolyLab QC is offered as a bench and floor model that best fits into a customer’s lab environment. The optional rack (floor model) allows moving the instrument away or even storing it if needed. Benefit from flexibility in footprint and weight!

Based on the system’s backwards compatibility, even existing measuring mixers and extruders can be connected. Most of the connections are almost at the same place as they used to be and can be connected either directly or with an optional adapter available from our support team.

Protect your investments, save time and be familiar with the system when using it the first time!

Key Benefits

  • Intelligentautomatic system recognition and time-saving software
  • Compatiblewith existing hardware & measuring data (≥1978)
  • Small Scaleas bench or rack model
  • Safe with foot-and undock switch for mixer More


Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC Measuring Mixer

Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC Single-Screw Extruder