Thermo Scientific Modular Eurolab 16 Series Standalone Benchtop Twin Screw Compounder


Thermo Scientific Modular Eurolab 16 Series

The modular Eurolab XL 16 twin-screw extruders are designed to meet your research, development or small production needs, from 1 to 5 kg/hr. Easy configuration changes and easy cleaning means faster results. A rugged touch screen with microprocessor control enables easy operation and real time trending. A full line of ancillary equipment lets you customize for your laboratory, pilot plant, or production scale operations.

Product Detail

A bench-top 16mm co-rotating twin screw compounder with a modular segmented barrel.

Barrel Features

  • A horizontally split barrel, 25:1 or 40:1 L/D gives easy access to screws for cleaning and configuration changes. 
  • The XL version allows barrel length to be extended from 25:1 to 40:1 L/D using a simple bolt-on barrel extension
  • The segmented top barrel half is constructed in 4:1 modules with easy reconfiguration.
  • Barrel segments are available for feeding solids and liquids, or venting.

Control Features

A rugged touch screen control incorporates real time trending and recipe storage as standard, with option to download to a remote computer for archiving and analysis.

Speed and Torque Control

The Digital Servo drive accurately controls speed and torque of the sealed, low maintenance, brushless motor 1.25 kW motor at 500 rpm or 2.5kW at 1000 rpm screw speed.

Ancillary Equipment

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a full system of ancillary equipment to integrate with the EUROLAB extruder, including pre-mixers, screen changers, chill rolls, air-cooled pelletising systems and cast sheet or blown film lines.