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Want reliable results from your advanced testing?

IPC Global’s high-quality range of testing machines makes in-depth analysis easy and affordable.

Our specialist equipment is guaranteed to deliver accurate data you can trust, always.

Check out IPC Global’s Corporate Brochure and IPC Global Product Overview.

IPC Global products are designed to make it easy to perform advanced tests on asphalt, soil, unbound granular and other construction materials.

The product range includes

  • AMPT Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (SPT Simple Performance Tester) NCHRP Project 9-29
  • UTM Series of Universal Testing Machines.
  • Beam Fatigue Apparatus for 4-point repetitive flexural bending tests, including AASHTO T321 and SHRP M009.
  • Cyclic Triaxial Testing Machines for soils and unbound granular materials.
  • Rock Testing Systems.
  • PReSBOX Shear Box Asphalt Prism Laboratory Compactor.
  • Hydraulic Jacking Systems (Actuators) and IMACS Multi-Axis Control System.
  • Servopac Gyratory Compactor - exceeds the requirements for AASHTO, EN standards and SHRP Superpave.
  • Gyropac Gyratory Compactor. (AS 2891.2.2).
  • UTM-Series of high capacity dynamic hydraulic testing machines (300 kN to 3,000 kN capacity). These machines are built to special order and are available with a selection of grips and transducers to suit a diverse range of applications for materials research, construction and manufacturing industry.