Haake Pharma Mini HME Conical Micro Extruder


Note: To operate the Pharma Mini HME a set of co-or counter-rotating screws is required

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (LxWxH): 58 x 37 x 34 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Manufactured according to GMP standards

Optional accessories:

- Set of co-rotating screws, made from pharma grade steel

- Set of counter-rotating screws, made from pharma grade steel

- Manual feeding device

- Force Feeder

- Spare barrel set

- Option “Backflow-channel” for batch process, includes upper barrel with integrated backflow-channel and manual bypass valve

- Documentation package for instrument validation, includes material certificates, surface roughness certificates, Functional design specification


Pharma Mini set of co-rotating screws


Pharma Mini Manual Feeder




Pharma Mini Conversion Kit "Batch"

(Upper Barrel with Backflow Channel and Manual Bypass)


Pharma Mini Force Feeder


Documentation Package Pharma


Surcharge add. Documentation request, rate per day


FAT 2 days

Incl. FAT documentation; FAT location is Germany

FAT at the equipment manufacturing site including any applicable FAT documents.

Includes two (2) days to review all electrical, mechanical, software, safety and relevant documentation compliance per system, including running pre agreed customer supplied placebo material.

While the inspection there will be support by employees of all relevant departments.

All FAT materials have to be supplied with appropriate MSDS. Handling of active materials cannot be guaranteed. Except for any pre-agreed testing material, no other materials will be used to test during the FAT.