New Haake PolyLab OS Torque Rheometer for Colour, Concentration and Humidity Measurements During Processing!!!


HAAKE PolyLab OS Torque Rheometer

The modular HAAKE PolyLab OS is an innovative torque rheometer platform for process engineering in a wide range of markets. The "OS" stands for the fundamental platform concept, that of Open System. The system architecture has been designed on an open industry standard, allowing a number of standardized sensors and systems to be connected to it for optical, viscosity and spectroscopy measurements.

Product Detail 

HAAKE PolyLab OS is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and in accordance with the principle of "plug & measure" can be quickly and easily adapted to the requirements of a specific application. Not only are existing system components used, but modified sensors and/or in-house developments are also linked to the platform for increased economy. Customers can be assured their investments are protected into the future.


Faster return on investment, time management and efficiency is critical when deciding to purchase new equipment. The new HAAKE PolyLab OS platform was developed to provide immediate benefits possible in research & development, pilot systems or production. For example, the new system can be used to perform kneader measurements and extruder experiments on polymers, ceramic mixtures, rubber samples, pharmaceuticals or foods but with much less effort than in the past. After filling the mixer or extruder and starting the series of tests, the operator can leave the equipment to perform other tasks. The current status of an experiment can be called up at any time using a web browser or organizer (PDA), regardless of location. As a result, more laboratory or experimental work can be performed within the same timeframe. The whole sequence of experiments is defined and executed step-by-step in a software procedure (measurement task). Errors, alarms or messages requiring the attention of lab personnel are displayed on all monitors (PC, PDA).

 HAAKE PolyLab OS Torque Rheometer

 Product#Price Product Name Motor capacity Power requirements Speed Torque 
 567-0010     -   RheoDrive 4 4kW 3x400V /N/PE 250 rpm 300 Nm 
 567-0011     -   RheoDrive 4 4kW 3x230V /PE 250 rpm 300 Nm
 567-0020     -   RheoDrive 16 16kW 3x400V /N/PE 500 rpm 400 Nm 
 567-0021     -   RheoDrive 16 16kW 3x230V /PE 500 rpm 400 Nm