Investigation of Pharmaceutical Hot-Melts via Simultaneous Rheometry and Polarization Microscopy


Pharmaceutical Hot-Melts Research 관련 자료 입니다;



Purpose: Provide on the one hand an efficient screening tool for Hot-Melt

Extrusion (HME) formulation development and make available on the other

hand rheological parameters for process development and optimization,

as well as for modeling calculations for compounding and extrusion.

Methods: Rheometry and polarization light microscopy up to 300 °C with

well-defined heating and cooling rates, temperature profiles and shear

rates as well as oscillatory testing.

Results: This combined method requires only a small sample volume and

delivers efficiently significant and well-correlated rheological data and

microscopic images, which allow to investigate formation and stability of

solid solutions or crystalline dispersions. Moreover these results deliver

at the same time meaningful parameters for extruder dimensioning and

processability and for simulation calculations of the pharmaceutical