New G' and G" 및 점도 측정용 온라인 레오미터 OLR 탄생 - 세계 최초) - 여러 Shear rates 에서 동시에 점도 측정 가능!



What does the SOLR do?

  • Set-up of process monitoring and quality control parameters

The OLR delivers a characteristic viscosity curve for the material being measured in the pipe. But, it is not possible for a plant operator to quickly form a judgement on the ongoing quality and trends in the pipe from a continuously refreshed characteristic curve.

The plant engineer or QC professional can choose up to three distinct viscosities from the characteristic curve, and give each of them a different QC band within which the product may be said to be within specification.


Characteristic curves for material in the pipe, with individual QC points to be chosen for operator display.


Because many applications may be for process monitoring rather than quality control, it is possible for the engineer to assemble a step-wise QC file, with different QC criteria for successive process steps or stages. Later, the plant operator can advance through the process with QC criteria relevant to each individual process stage. Clearly, for continuous monitoring of an unchanged product in a pipeline, a single stage QC file is all that is necessary.


If a factory PLC is to be used for process monitoring and quality control, the settings from these QC stages can be input into the PLC control software and compared with the data streaming from the OLR to the PLC. An alarm can be activated through SOLR (or the factory PLC) if the product viscosity or temperature drifts out of specification. The individual points of interest from each consecutive characteristic curve are plotted with time in the SOLR operator interface, allowing the operator to make informed decisions about the process and product trends. All of the individual characteristic curves from which the operator screen trends are constructed are automatically saved, and can be recalled by the QC professional or plant engineer for diagnosis and remediation of process issues.


Monitoring and control of process either through SOLR or through the factory PLC

SOLR control and monitoring software can be used in standalone mode, to provide the operator with a visual cue regarding the trends and quality of the material in the pipe through a visual PASS/FAIL display, the possibility of actuating an audio (horn) or visual (strobe) alarm.

Operator interface allows monitoring of process according to single or multiple QC setpoints


The operator can control the progression of the QC file through the process, initiating successive QC stages, and monitoring the progress of the material as the process continues. Clearly, for continuous monitoring of an unchanging product in a pipeline, a single stage QC file is all that is necessary, and the operator screen will display the long-term viscosity and temperature trends of the material.


Out-of-specification product diagnosis

If the product measurement is out of specification, the plant engineer can recall the characteristic curve from the time where the drift out of specification occurred, and open it either using SOLR or commonly available alternative softwaresuites (text files or MS excel).

Diagnosis of process issues can be performed


Up to three historical characteristic curves can be uploaded into SOLR, so that out-of-spec material can be directly compared with earlier data. Based on these comparisons and the engineers’ expertise and experience, it should then be possible to diagnose the reason for the change in product quality e.g. missing or insufficient ingredient, incorrect amount of heating, shear etc., from what is normally expected.


Frequency range

1 – 100 Hz

Viscosity measuring range

0.25 – 200,000 Pa.s

Operating range

- Temperature

-10 – 110 °C

- Pressure

0.05 – 10 Bar a


- Height

605 mm

- Width

294.5 mm

- Depth

460 mm

- Weight

35 kg

- Measurement Cavity diameter

100 mm

- Inlet/Outlet connection diameter

76.2 mm


- Ambient temperature in enclosure

-15 – 50 °C

- Operating humidity

10 – 90 %RH

- Maximum altitude

2000 m

Power Supply

115 -230 VAC 50/60 Hz

Inlet/Outlet connection type

3” Tri-clover as standard

Compliance and Certification

The OLR is designed to meet the EHEDG guidelines using FDA compliant materials. Electricals are compliant with CE, C-Tick, FCC standards. IP-65 rated. All the product contact parts are made of stainless steel (grade 304 or 316).


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