Powder shape analyzers 분체 입도 및 형상 분석기 - 연구용 및 공정용



Do you need a high aspect ratio capable particle sizer?

Are you looking for a quality control solution for powders or any other arbitrary particulate system?

The Powdershape system

Powdershape is a characterisation system for powders and generally all kinds of particles especially developed for quality inspection. It is unique in its set of  features, simple user interface, and rapid characterisation process from the sample preparation to the printed certificate.

The measurement range is from 1 um  to 20 cm particle size.

Two kind of  Powdershape systems exist:

  • Powdershape - where the samples are distributed stepwise by hand on the scanner
  • Powdershape automatic - where the samples are feeded automatically by the sample feeder on the scanner. (sample feeder: patent pending).

    The very simple handling of  "Powdershape automatic"

    1. Simply distribute your particle samples on the board
    2. Enter a description and select grain size, max size or other reports with a single click!
    3. All the specimen are scanned and characerized automatically.

      Obtain the final reports or insert results into quality chart database.
  • Your advantages:

    • A very quick measurement method
    • Easy and fast specimen/sample preparation
    • Minimisation of possible operator errors
    • Consistent and reproducible results
    • Very attractive price/performance relation
    • Reliable and rapid industrial method for quality inspection

  •   The small brother of  Powdershape "Microshape"A new simply product "Microshape" has been issued for powder 

  • characterization that has just two measuring ranges
  • 2 - 150 um using the digital microscope with 14600 dpi
  • 10 - 1000 um using an 3600 dpi  film scanner

Powdershape features

Key features

  • Quick measurement of particle size and shape distribution
  • Characterisation of optical properties: colour and transparency
  • Ready-to-use report/certificate templates for grain size, mesh size and others.
  • Quality charts
  • Processing and storage of test data (for further external use and analysis)
  • SAP compatibility available

Particles of a size range from 5 μm to 50000 μm (5 cm) can be measured.

Simple user interface

To facilitate the particle characterisation, only 3 steps are needed to obtain a certificate:

  1. Image acquisition
  2. Particle recognition and measurement
  3. Analysis by means of statistical evaluation and report/certificate creation

Technical data

The Powdershape System consists of:

  • The Powdershape software
  • State-of-the-art image analysis computer running Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP
  • A slide and/or flatbed scanner certified for Powdershape
  • Standard office suite


Powdershape applications

Anchor of sand application


  • Applications: particle sizer
  • Parameters: grain size


  • Applications: particle sizer
  • Parameters: grain size

Nano particles

  • Applications: particle sizer
  • Parameters: grain size

High aspect ratio particles (gypsum)

  • Applications: particle size, particle length
  • Parameters: thickness, length, aspect ratio (calculated)

High aspect ratio particles taken with a SEM

  • Applications: particle size, particle length
  • Parameters: thickness, length, aspect ratio (calculated)